Turning Trash into Treasure Through Welding Art

Welded Art Is More Than Trash To Art Galleries

Transforming long forgotten trash into gallery art treasure requires some special artistry skills. Welders who are artists all over the world are taking the time to source metal scraps, old broken appliances, and even car parts to make them into something completely new and beautiful. Being able to take scrap piles and turn them into gallery quality pieces is actually not a new art. People have been doing this for decades with great results.

An Artist To Know

One of those artists who welds his pieces into magnificent treasures is Richard Lauth. As a Chicago native, this 23-year-old artist creates abstract metal art that takes many forms, some are sculptures, while others are decorated metal works with a touch of whimsy. His sources in metal to use is easy to find, because each year there are tons of excess metal that is headed for the scrap piles. Turning the waste into welded art is a skill.

The History Of Turning Trash Into Beauty

The popularity of turning trash into beauty is dated back to the 30’s and 40’s when more and more people who worked with industrial good came into being due to high demand. When World War II happened the people who were artists were low on supplies and resources, so they had to get creative with what they used to make their art. That included scouring the junkyards for things that could be turned into inspiring creations. The perfect example of this is Watts Towers in Los Angeles because it’s the best example of large scale “junk to art” that was created during this time in history. When you look at this 99 foot tall sculpture completely made of metal, bits of pottery, and old glass, you’ll see that the artist, Simon Rodia certainly had his work cut out for him. This installation took him 30 years to make!

The Process of Upcycling

Instead of calling this type of art being made from recycled materials, it’s actually called “upcycling.” What that means is that welding artists take old materials to make something completely new. It creates valuable space in garbage facilities and junkyards, where stuff would just be sitting there unused forever. It’s a trend that is only going to continue. The upcycling business is now a 29 billion dollar industry thanks to popular websites like Pinterest and Etsy, where artists can show off their wares. If welding artists want a piece of that it’s easy to use their skills from ETI School of Trades in the welding program. This know-how to make beautiful gallery quality art that the world can enjoy comes from just picking up that welder and a visit to a local junkyard.