We want you to feel like a part of the ETI School of Trades family!

Let us introduce you to our staff:


Aaron Styles

Aaron Styles – Skilled Welder Instructor Aaron has been working in the welding field for the past 10 years. As a graduate of ETI, Aaron has been able to come back and provide new students with an introduction to the vastly growing welding field. Aaron began his welding career welding on heavy equipment such as school buses and continued on that path until he came back to ETI to teach. Aaron has been teaching at ETI for the past 2 years and is thankful for being able to pass on his knowledge and experience to his students. Aaron’s teaching plays an intricate role in helping a student understand the welding industry and preparing them for their future classes. Aaron assists his fellow instructors with spending time preparing and cutting metal for all students to be able to practice.

Brad Pelcha

Brad Pelcha – Skilled Welder Instructor As a 6 year Veteran of the United States Army, Specialist Brad Pelcha brings 11 years of welding experience to his students at ETI. In the time, Brad served in the US Army, he worked as a Welding Instructor to the 4th Iraqi Army Division where he spent his time training other soldiers. In addition to teaching welding, Brad has acquired various certifications, including; ASME Sec. IX Boiler & Pressure Vessel, AWS D1.2-2008 Structural Welding, AWS D1.5-2010 Bridge Welding Code, AWS D14.1-2006 Welding of Industrial Mill Cranes & other material handling, EPA 608 Universal, and completed the AWS 92nd Professional Training Program. He also has been trained extensively in weld cracking and metallurgy applications. Brad contributes his teaching and skills to the United States Army. Although, he holds many certifications, Brad’s most favorite part of welding is the planning and estimating phase of a project. Brad works with his students day in and day out to ensure that they are working and most importantly working hard. He has a favorite quote that states, “Gotta get it started, if we wanna get it done”.

Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson – Skilled Welder Instructor Adam has 9 years’ experience in the welding field. Adam acquired his CWI ( Certified Welding Inspector) through the American Welding Society and his certifications do not stop there. He also has certifications, including, but not limited to; 6 G X-ray Carbon Steel SMAW, GTAW, and combination pipe, 6 G X-ray Stainless Steel GTAW pipe open root , 6 G X-ray GTAW pipe fusion, 6 G X-ray 9% chrome GTAW pipe, 6 G X-ray 9% chrome GTAW & SMAW combination pipe, 6 G X-ray carbon steel downhill SMAW pipe, and medical gas brazer and installer. Adam obtained his experience and knowledge during his 5 year apprenticeship with the UA Pipefitters Union and also attended college for welding engineering. Although, Adam’s favorite type of welding is the fabrication of piping systems, he has dedicated his time over the past year teaching our students how to proficiently TIG (GTAW) weld. Adam’s motivation is to see his students begin with no knowledge to watching them progress and finish and become proficient in their welds. Adam is a true believer that students will not know how successful they will be until they try. Adam feels that the famous Yoda said it best, “Do or do not, there is no try”.

Chris McKee

Christopher McKee – HVAC/R Instructor A 4 year veteran of the United States Marine Corp, Infantry Lance Corporal Christopher McKee has been working in the HVAC/R field for the past 18 years. Early in his career, he began working for a family friend and continued his education by taking HVAC classes at Morraine Valley College. Between school and ‘on the job’ training, Christopher’s expertise lies within sheet metal and working on roof top units on tall city buildings. Christopher is EPA 608 Universal Certifed, CPR/First Aid Certified, and is certified in Accident Scene Management. For the past 3 years, Christopher has been able to share his knowledge and experiences with brand new students into the HVAC/R program. Christopher appreciates having an opportunity to mold the next generation of HVAC/R tradesmen & women. Christopher encourages his students to stay motivated and to set goals for themselves. He agrees with Vince Lombardi in saying; “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Jerry Ray

Jerry Ray – HVAC/R Instructor For the past 40 years, Jerry Ray has dedicated his professional career to the HVAC/R industry. The majority of Jerry’s initial training came from ‘on the job’ training and working for the family business at a very young age. Jerry enjoys his career the most when he is diagnosing and fixing steam or water boilers. Jerry Ray is EPA 608 Universal Certified. Jerry has been sharing his passion and knowledge with students at ETI for the past 8 years. Jerry has dedicated many hours to training students both day and night. The one thing that keeps Jerry going is when he sees a student ‘get it’. Jerry is a true believer in supporting students and teaching them that their actions will shape them in the future. He emphasizes to his students, just as Bill Parsons did to his players, “You are what your record says you are”.

Joe Trimble

Joe Trimble – HVAC/R Instructor Joe began his HVAC/R career after graduating from ETI in 1999. For the past 15 years, Joe has worked for various companies and quickly learned that installation is where he is most proficient. Joe has installed and serviced, Residential and Commercial forced furnaces, condensers, coils, roof top units, water heaters, space paks , humidifiers, UV lights, air cleaners, duct work and sheet metal. Joe is EPA 608 Universal Certified and is a Qualifed Gastite Installer.

Mosen Davanipour

Mosen Davanipour – HVAC/R Instructor Mosen Davanipour has been teaching at ETI for 19 years. Mosen has been in the HVAC field for 30 years and began his career with R. Anderson Heating. Mosen credits them with taking him under his wing and teaching him the field of HVAC. Mosen attended college for heating and air and gained his field experience through working and starting his own business. Mosen is EPA 608 Universal Certified. Mosen’s passion lies within HVAC design for the commercial industry. Mosen enjoys teaching because he helps the students see the end result and encourages them to start their own business. He teaches his students to stay honest and always ask; what, why, when, how, where, and who, that is what will make them successful.

Peggy Platz

Peggy Platz – Skilled Welder Instructor Peggy Platz began her 11 year welding career at a very young age. Her father trained to torch cut on a diesel machine at age 8 and began full fledge welding by age 15. Although, trained by her father for many years, Peggy made a decision to attend school and become certified in 6 G Restricted X-ray, STICK, TIG and Pipe welding. Peggy is a graduate of ETI and understands what obstacles students face when beginning their new career. Peggy has a passion for teaching students, her motivation comes from observing the looks on a student’s face when they get excited about mastering a weld due to the training and mentorship she provided. Peggy follows the motto, “Always be 5% smarter than the metal”. Not only is she passionate about teaching, she enjoys creating art with metal.

Ray Winesburg

Ray Winesburg – Skilled Welder Instructor Ray Winesburg is our most seasoned welding instructor with 35 plus years’ experience under his belt. Ray is certified in TIG welding stainless steel, MIG welding mild steel, and MIG welding Flex Core. Ray attended Elgin Community College, where he completed classes in welding and blue print reading. Ray has been a welder, a fabricator, and has held various supervisory positions at the companies he worked for. Although, Ray’s favorite type of welding is fabrication, he has spent the last 3 years at ETI teaching students the skill and art of MIG welding. He feels that he has reached his teaching goals by seeing his students leave his class with a concrete understanding of MIG welding. Ray believes that you must fail before you can succeed. He tells his students, “Failure is the measure of success.”

Tom Davis

Tom Davis – Skilled Welder Instructor Tom Davis brings 30 years of welding experience to the students at ETI. As a 3rd generation pipefitter, it was directly out of high school that Tom decided to enter the pipefitters union. His first 5 years, he worked in a small shop that performed various types of welds. He contributes his passion and knowledge from the journeymen that supported him along the way. While Tom’s favorite type of welding is Heli-Arc on heavy wall pipe, he has devoted his time to introducing new students to the welding field. He is motivated by watching a student be successful by using the tools and skills he has taught them. Tom agrees when Confucius said, “If you chose a job you love, will never work a day in your life.”

David Camareno

David Camareno – HVAC/R Instructor David is our instructor with the most years teaching HVAC/R at ETI with 23 years. With a total of 41 years’ experience in the field, David’s career has been nothing but successful. He began in HVAC delivering parts for a mechanical contractor in Chicago, he then went on to acquire an Associate’s Degree in HVAC from Triton College and began his career. Throughout his career, David has secured many different certifications including; EPA 608 Universal, Rheem 34” 90 PLUS Technician Certification, Fluid Handling of Steam Systems, and has received 30+ continuing education units towards his HVAC Associates Degree. David is also certified by HVAC Excellence as a Refrigeration Commercial Educatior, an Electric Heat Educator, a Commercial Air Conditioning Educator, and a Technical Educator.