Put your ideas to work and rent a welding booth.
ETI School of Skilled Trades | Chicago IL Welding Booth Rentals

Consumables not included in the rental rate.

Booths are available between 2:30pm and 5:30pm.

See attached sheet that lists all of our welding equipment and the highlighted area of what kind of welding booths we offer.  We can also rent helmets and sell consumables.  The rental rates are as follows and do not include consumables.


  • PLASMA – $50.00 per hour plus material
  • STICK – $75.00 per hour plus material
  • MIG – $75.00 per hour plus material
  • TIG – $75.00 per hour plus material

Call to reserve your spot: 1-888-572-9937

Click here for welding equipment and booth offerings.